Store Once

Stop copying your data in insecure and redundant ways. Start publishing Linked Data at the source.

Save Time

Add, manage and query your data through easy-to-use and fast interfaces.

Create Value

Solve more problems by answering complex questions across data silos.

TriplyDB: Store Linked Data Knowledge Graphs

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Based on cutting-edge science, Triply offers the most scalable linked data solution, up to tens of billions of triples.

Prof. Frank van Harmelen, VU University Amsterdam

TriplyDB makes the power of Linked Data available to the masses.

Dr. Richard Zijdeman, Chief Innovation Officer IISH

Triply helps us to publish the Cadaster data of the Netherlands in a modern, standardised, queryable, and linkable manner. Our solution is currently the largest governmental implementation of linked data in the Netherlands.

Dr. ir. Erwin Folmer, Senior Advisor Kadaster