Store Once

Stop copying your data in insecure and redundant ways. Start publishing Linked Data at the source.

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Save Time

Add, manage and query your data through easy-to-use and fast interfaces.

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Create Value

Solve more problems by answering complex questions across data silos.

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TriplyDB: Store Linked Data Knowledge Graphs

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Our Products

Hosting Data with TriplyDB

TriplyDB is our high-performance data hosting and publishing product. TriplyDB allows you to easily upload datasets and expose them through multiple APIs.

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Exploring Data with FacetCheck

Triply Facetcheck is a faceted browser that allows Linked Data to be navigated based on a collection of configurable widgets. FacetCheck makes it easy to browse your Linked Data without the need to write complex queries.

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Talking Data with Data Stories

Triply Data Stories lets your data speak for you. Data Stories can be used to publish up-to-date business reports and FAIR papers. Data Stories ensure that the tables and figures in your documents stay up-to-date and reflect the latest state of your data.

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