Open and Closed Data

TriplyDB can be used for publishing open and closed graphs.

At Scale

TriplyDB scales to graphs with billions of links. Data is automatically checked and cleaned upon uploading.

Be More Productive

Data-intensive industries spend 80% of their time cleaning data and tinkering with databases. Triply Knowledge Graph automatically checks & cleans your data. The Triple Development Environment speeds up the process of writing queries and communicating solutions.

Connect to Tools through Standards

TriplyDB comes with standards-compliant and easy-to-use APIs that connect your data to standards-compliant tools. This makes it easy for developers to use your data and minimizes vendor lock-in. See Data Stories and FacetCheck for two tools that connect to your data.


TriplyDB exposes multiple standards-compliant query languages, text search facilities, and RESTful APIs. You choose which services and APIs are made available over your data.

Tap Into Open Knowledge

TriplyDB comes pre-loaded with high-performance versions of some of the most used Knowledge Graphs in the world. This includes the Knowledge Graphs that power AI applications like Siri and Alexa. Take a look at some of the Open Knowledge Graphs that Triply provides.

Building the next generation graph store