Query IDE

The Triply Query IDE provides advanced feedback for writing and managing Linked Data queries. With autocompletion and syntax checking functionalities it provides a big productivity booster. The Triply Query IDE includes a wide array of data visualization plugins that give direct feedback to the data scientist who is writing the query.

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Save time

The Triply Query IDE helps detect errors early and provides direct feedback. This vastly reduces the time it takes to write complex queries.

Direct gratification

The Triply Query IDE automatically visualizes query results into statistical, geospatial, and organizational view. This makes it easy to immediately understand and interpret query results.

Syntax highlighting

The Triply Query IDE implements the SPARQL 1.1 grammar and provides direct feedback when the users makes a mistake.


The Triply Query IDE offers advanced autocompletion functionality for properties, classes and instances.

Advanced visualization

The Triply Query IDE includes a wide array of visualization plugins (pivot table, 2D and 3D map, gallery, org chart, line chart, boxplot, etc.)


The Triply Query IDE has out-of-the-box support for federation, allowing you to access multiple endpoints from one query.