About us

Triply aims to simplify the use of linked-data knowledge graphs in practical and large-scale applications. We focus on improving the experience of both the developer and the user for working with knowledge graphs and believe in the benefits of following open standards.

Our customers come from domains such as eGovernment, manufacturing, biomedical, academic research and cultural heritage. Triply is known for delivering a fast and high quality product and we value customer interaction.

We are located at the VU University Amsterdam campus, close to the business center ‘Zuidas’, which is a great location for engaging with customers and researchers.

Our Team

Laurens Rietveld

Co-founder & Technical Lead

Wouter Beek

Co-founder & Researcher

Evelien Lantman

Chief Operating Officer

Ruben Weber

Senior Full-Stack Developer & UX Designer

Gerwin Bosch

Web Developer & UX Designer

Eirik Kultorp

Full-Stack Developer

Thomas de Groot

Linked Data Scientist

Kathrin Dentler

Linked Data Expert & Customer Team Lead

Martin van Harmelen

Backend Developer

Ivan Kovatchev

Backend Developer and Developer Team Lead

Dionysia Nakou

Web Developer

Vera de Koning

Management Assistent

Tanja Ronzhina

Linked Data Scientist

Ross Curry

Web Developer

Thomas Bohlken

Senior DevOps Engineer

Kinsuk Sinha

Linked Data Scientist

Mark Lindeman

Linked Data Architect

Ana Konrad

Linked Data Scientist

Iva Dimitrova

Linked Data Scientist

Mina Janicijevic

Linked Data Scientist

Baradwaj Varadharajan

Web Developer

Arman Valanejad

Web Developer

Philippe Renzen

Junior Software Developer

René van der Deijl

Operations Officer

Elena Slavco

Linked Data Scientist

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